14-year-Old Bavarian Suspected of Shooting Rubber Bullets at Thai King

BERLIN- German prosecutors on Wednesday, affirmed they are investigating a 14-year-old lad alleged to have shot plastic bullets at the monarch of Thailand “King Maha Vajiralongkorn” who was spending his leisure cycling close to Munich with his entourage on June 10 at around 11 pm.

In the company of the 14-year-old, was a 13-year-old whom by law cannot be interrogated. The unnamed lads are suspected to have shot the toy gun at the King’s cycling entourage from a garden or through the window of a building. A prosecutor in southern Landshut, Thomas Rauscher reported the toy gun was initially fired at the cyclists which included the Monarch. It appeared the suspects could not manage to hit their prime target as there was no record of injury. Reuters contacted the royal residence in Bangkok on Thursday, and it claimed it knew nothing and had no information on the incident.

Also, Reuters tried to reach the unidentified suspected youth, but their effort was futile. Prosecutors reported that the Monarch’s household showed no interest in making a case out of the incident. Although it was unknown who had briefed the police about the incident. The prosecutor stated that more shots were supposedly discharged at the monarch’s vehicle in Erding, some miles away from Munich. The suspect is currently being interrogated for attempted atrocious bodily harm and decisions will be taken whether to incriminate the teenager.